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Floopowder Icons

Icon Requests

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Welcome to Floopowder Icons.

This is the place to make HP icon requests, as well as non-HP related icons. We have people who can make icons of all sorts including animations and ones with transparencies. We can make banners, blinkies and friends only banners as well. :)

1. GIVE CREDIT! I cannot stress this rule enough. You must give credit in your icon keywords to whoever made it. Similiarly, you must make comment somewhere if someone makes you a header or a friends-only banner.

2. When making a request please be as specific as possible. If there is a particular image you want please provide a link if possible (behind a cut). If you want text, say what you want on it. Its hard to make an icon for someone if they just say, for example, "can someone make me a harry icon?". Your requests will probably be filled anyway, but being specific helps the icon/banner maker tremondously.

This is an example of a good request. It provides a picture, specifies what is wanted text wise on the icon, as well as spcifiying what preferences there are for the font/colour etc.

This is an example of a not so good request. There is no picture, nothing is said regarding size (which helps with FO banners), what they want written on it, what colours or types of fonts, etc. All of those things aren't needed for a request but they sure help.

3. This is not an icon sharing community. Please don't post entries with icons you have made. That isn't the point of the community. If you want to share your icons hp_icons is for you.

4. NO HOTLINKING! If someone made an icon or banner for you be sure to upload it to your own server. Photobucket is an excellent image host, and its free.

5. Please don't promote your own community here. We're normally more than happy to affilate with other icon journals/communities, it's just polite to ask first.

gwenlister is the owner of the community.
sevarina is the co-mod. Any questions, problems or disputes can be brought up with her via email: laucia.siandel[at]gmail.com