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Looking for another icon

Hi, guys, it's Margarita (again!). I saw an icon a loooong time ago, and it was really really funny, but I didn't save it, and now I can't find it.

So, the icon I'm looking for has a black background and white text. I'm not sure exactly how it goes, but it's something like, "Join the Dark Side. Please? We have cookies." And could you also please tell me who to credit (if you know)?

Sorry, this is really vague. But if you have it, I will ♥ you forever and ever. ^__^


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This is by lucki_neon. If it's not what you're looking for, it's damn close.

Ooh, that's it, that's it!!!

Thank you soooo much!!!!
You're welcome! Glad I could help. :)